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Revitalising a Declining Church

Revitalising a Declining Church

From the outside, a typical church building will give you very few clues.  But when you walk into the building on a Sunday morning, you’ll very soon have some idea if the church is in decline or is healthy, vibrant and growing.

I have had a few requests from churches to assist.  They are concerned about the future of their church.  And very often, as I listen to their story, I get concerned too: “The pastor has resigned/passed away and we’ve no idea what to do next!” or “I’m concerned that if I leave, the few that remain will follow me out the door and what will happen to the work here?” or “We can’t afford a pastor and we really need one; what should we do?”

There is no doubt that we need men of calibre, resourcefulness, backbone, initiative and great faith to assist churches that are battling, disheartened or facing closure.  And we need resources to assist them for a while while they work and pray for God’s strength through them to do what is not humanly possible.  And we need pray-ers to the Lord of the harvest.


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