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Month: June 2015

Revitalising a Declining Church

From the outside, a typical church building will give you very few clues.  But when you walk into the building on a Sunday morning, you’ll very soon have some idea if the church is in decline or is healthy, vibrant and growing. I have had a few requests from churches to assist.  They are concerned…
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Preparedness, giftedness and the ways in which God holds up His Son

So, let me introduce you to Stuart Gordon. Stuart works for TWR (Trans World Radio) a Christian Media Ministry as their Human Resources & Communications Director, is married to Andrea and has also been a probationer for the last two years – that’s to say, that after having been successfully interviewed for Baptist Union Ministerial…
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A major milestone reached

Finally, after at least five years of thinking, envisioning, writing, implementing, speaking and finally voting, we have a new constitution which does away with the office of President and introduces regionalism with regions and regional representatives.  Last year, the BNA AGM, gave the green light to try out regionalism and if it works, write it up…
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