98 McAlpine Road, Wychwood, Johannesburg

Together in Ministry

We're are a self-governing fellowship of autonomous Baptist churches sharing together in ministry


98 McAlpine Road

Wychwood, Johannesburg


+27 (82) 4113255



How we can help your church


We put you side by side with other like minded churches and pastors

Church Planting

The goal of a church is to plant churches. We offer help with expertise, partners, compliance and financial assistance


We give help to churches, helping them find a good pastor or helping a pastor find a good church

Youth Ministry

We help you reach young people by training youth leaders. These youth leaders and plugged into a network of youth leaders who help one another because youth ministry is tough

Conflict Resolution

Every church at one time or another will face a crisis; a leadership conflict situation, a membership / leadership impasse, a moral failure of a pastor – and when that happens, its helpful to have an independent third party to help


Sometimes, churches lose their way. We help steer a church and her leaders back to health

Our work in numbers

150 churches in 4 provinces of Northern South Africa & Botswana, we cover a lot of ground




Our Team

Richard Van Lieshout


Obakeng Moreo

Vice Chairman

Jenny Bolt

Office Administration

Peggy Burger

Office Finance

Parmesh Venkatasami


Brian Viljoen

Treasurer & Pastoral Care Co-Ordinator

Dan Riddell

Youth Representative

Lance Laughton

Area Co-Ordinator

Gilbert Ndlovu

Limpopo South Representative

Marcus Mphaphuli

Limpopo North Representative

Jacques Louw

Gauteng North Representative

Richard Van Lieshout

Gauteng East Representative

Latest News

The best way to see the association in operation is to attend one of our members meetings.  Or you can read up on some of our concerns here…

Being Baptist in the Baptist Union of Southern Africa Post Kuils River Assembly 2019

At the recent BU Assembly representatives from member churches voted to supress a motion put forward by the Executive to initiate a process for churches to consider voting on aproposed[…]

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Why the need for a new Statement of Belief?

Monday night, 20 May 2019, was the BNA’s AGM and it was a BIG event because there was a particularly big item on the agenda – are we going to[…]

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Why should a church give money to an association? And why does the church pay both the association and the union?

I’m asked these two questions a lot. And they’re good questions especially with money being so tight at the moment. So why pay an association and why pay both the[…]

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