Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northwest - South Africa

Together in Ministry

Our association is a self-governing fellowship of autonomous churches sharing a common faith and active in mission in their setting

We are an association of interdependent Baptist churches

We have one goal…

the local church

We believe that God’s people, “like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house” .  So we are driven by the needs and requests of our member churches in order to assist this process.

Here are some things we offer

We have assisted churches in the following ways already and maybe we could help your church with one or more of the following…


Sometimes, sadly, churches lose their way. We assist by offering a church SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) which analyses the health of a church. We then look at biblically at what a church is and does and help the leaders of the church shape all of this into a vision for the future of the church.

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Conflict resolution

Every church at one time or another will face a crisis; a leadership conflict situation, a membership / leadership impasse, a moral failure of a pastor – and when that happens, its helpful to have an independent third party to help in times like this.

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Often, in Baptist churches, independence can lead to feeling alone which in turn leads to loneliness.  God has made people as social beings and the church is intended to be with other like minded churches.  

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Youth Ministry

We help you reach young people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and through our partnerships train youth ministry leaders.  These youth leaders and plugged into a network of youth leaders who help one another because youth ministry is tough.

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Church rejuvenation and planting

The goal of a church is to plant churches.  We offer to help with expertise, partners, compliance and financial assistance. 

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We assist the local church to develop elders, preachers and pastors. We encouarage formal training through BTC, our tertiary ministry training institution, and informally through our One Life Conference becasue healthy shepherds are crucial to nurture healthy churches.

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Core Values

We value certain aspects as an association of Baptist churches.  Therefore we are…

Passionate about Community

We believe that God places believers in the church and churches in collaboration with other like minded churches.  We celebrate the unity of local churches together.

Big on Theology

Unity is precious, but truth is essential.  Our shared theology is expressed in our Statement of Belief and practised as expressed in our Baptist Principles.  We celebrate our shared convictions of God and all his works.

Loud on Diversity

We comprise churches from many different cultures, languages, and economic levels.  We celebrate our diversity within our unity without pushing for uniformity.

Our Team



Parmesh Venkatasami


Brian Viljoen


Lance Laughton

Area Co-Ordinator

Duncan Muller


Dan Riddell

Youth Rep

Jacques Louw

Pretoria Rep

Gilbert Ndlovu

Limpopo Rep

Marcus Mphaphuli

Venda Rep

Richard van Lieshout

East Rand Rep


West Rand Rep


Mpumalanga Rep