Welcome to our BNA website!

We are an association of autonomous churches, holding a common statement of faith and a common expression of that in Baptist Principles.  We are committed to working together for the wellbeing and preparedness of the bride for the return of Christ!

We are…
    • Big on Relationships – we believe that God has made us as relational beings and that meaningful relationships are crucial for unity and co-operation.
    • Heavy on theology – we believe that relationships are built on mutual belief and aspirations and that basis of mutual belief must be an honest, recorded and affirmed statement which we call our Statement of Belief.
    • Loud on diversity – God has made us different.  Within the parameters of a shared Statement of Belief, the expressions of this will and should look different for God is more glorified by diversity and difference than by uniformity and sameness.  Thus, our gifting and culture and background and language is more honouring to God than otherwise.  Thus, our Baptist Principles (that is the way we believe God is honoured by our corporate worship) are descriptive but not restrictive.

We are focussed on…

  • Connecting Churches – we are convinced that pastors and churches are more at risk alone than together.  We believe that while much good can be accomplished by a single church, this is multiplied when churches are added together.
  • Equpping Elders – we are sold out on the plurality and parity of elders.  We assist churches to train elders believing
  • Reaching Youth – 38% of the population of the South Africa in 2017 was 19 and younger (http://www.statssa.gov.za/publications/P0302/P03022017.pdf).If it is true that “85 percent of all people who accept Christ do so before the age of 18” then we must be intentional in reaching young people with the gospel.
 Join us in doing this together!