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BNA: A self-governing fellowship of autonomous Baptist churches sharing a common faith that co-operate in ministry

Being Baptist in the Baptist Union of Southern Africa Post Kuils River Assembly 2019

At the recent BU Assembly representatives from member churches voted to supress a motion put forward by the Executive to initiate a process for churches to consider voting on aproposed new 2017 Statement of Belief (2017 SB). The vote to suppress was carried by a high majority. It was clear that the proposed 2017 SB was…
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Why the need for a new Statement of Belief?

Monday night, 20 May 2019, was the BNA’s AGM and it was a BIG event because there was a particularly big item on the agenda – are we going to adopt the 2017 Statement of Belief as our own or not? This was the first time the 2017 was coming to any formal gathering of…
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Why should a church give money to an association? And why does the church pay both the association and the union?

I’m asked these two questions a lot. And they’re good questions especially with money being so tight at the moment. So why pay an association and why pay both the association and the union? Firstly, note the biblical example. Paul asked the churches to support the church in Jerusalem and added “But as you excel…
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