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Preparedness, giftedness and the ways in which God holds up His Son

So, let me introduce you to Stuart Gordon. Stuart works for TWR (Trans World Radio) a Christian Media Ministry as their Human Resources & Communications Director, is married to Andrea and has also been a probationer for the last two years – that’s to say, that after having been successfully interviewed for Baptist Union Ministerial…
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Shepherds available…

Sibusiso (“Sbu”Sihle) Mlotsha is what I’d call “a good guy” – that is, he loves Jesus, loves the gospel, has completed his training at Christ Seminary and has a theology that is robust and is contextual (as you can see from the photo)!  He is one of a few guys that is looking to pastor…
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BNA Assembly 2014

Baptist Northern Association Assembly 2014

Baptist Northern Association Assembly. Praise The Lord! 40 member churches, 49 voting delegates, 55 attendees. May the Spirit of our Living God lead us to His praise and glory!