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Why should a church give money to an association? And why does the church pay both the association and the union?

I’m asked these two questions a lot. And they’re good questions especially with money being so tight at the moment. So why pay an association and why pay both the association and the union? Firstly, note the biblical example. Paul asked the churches to support the church in Jerusalem and added “But as you excel…
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South African Baptists on the Inerrancy of the Bible

February 2019 Introduction One of the key issues around the discussion of a new statement of faith for the Baptist Union of South Africa is around the issue of the inerrancy of the Bible. What is inerrancy and why is it important? Inerrancy is the view that Bible, in its original manuscripts, is without error.…
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Witbank Inducts their New Pastor

This last Sunday (18 November 2018) saw the induction of a new pastor, Karl Buchan-Smith, at Witbank Baptist Church.  The church’s  process of finding and calling a new pastor has not been without hitch however, as is often the case, and took over two years to finally find the man of God’s choosing. Karl, who…
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Watch the teaching

Paul commands Timothy the pastor, and the Spirit commands pastors and believers, “Keep a close watch on yourself and the teaching”  (1 Tim 4:16 ESV).  The words ‘the teaching’ refers to a definitive ‘body of doctrine’ that is to be believed and taught and passed on.   And Paul and the Holy Spirit believe that…
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‘B’ is for Balance

In my life and having a Grade 1 school teacher for a wife, if ‘A’ is for ‘Associate with others’ then ‘B’ is for ‘Balance.’   There are two dangers (and many others beside) for pastors to avoid in the ministry – either ‘kickback’ and ‘go easy’ or ‘kill yourself’ and ‘die hard’ in ministry. …
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