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Category: 2017 Statement of Belief

Another Translation of the 2017 Statement of Belief

It has always been a concern to have the 2017 Statement of Belief translated into as many languages as we have languages represented in our churches. One of the original mandates of the Theological Forum back in 2016 was that the final statement should have no ‘heavy’ theological terms in order that it should be…
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Is God “The Father”?

It seems that the person of God the Father has eclipsed in our thinking in the 21st century in comparison to the persons of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. But how should we think of God? Is God the Father? And how should we think of the Trinity? Recently, Pastor Ian Stuart and I discussed…
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Baptists and Scripture

One of the big issues among South African Baptists in the recent months and indeed over many years has been our stand on Scripture. Recently, however, the inclusion of the phrase “without error” in the 2017 Statement of Belief as an attempt to clarify where we had always stood on Scripture has thrown the cat…
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