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Preparedness, giftedness and the ways in which God holds up His Son

Preparedness, giftedness and the ways in which God holds up His Son

So, let me introduce you to Stuart Gordon. Stuart works for TWR (Trans World Radio) a Christian Media Ministry as their Human Resources & Communications Director, is married to Andrea and has also been a probationer for the last two years – that’s to say, that after having been successfully interviewed for Baptist Union Ministerial Recognition, he has served for two years as a probationer honing his pastoral skills and preaching whenever he can with a view to preparing himself for pastoral ministry and whatever God would do with him. During this time, we met once a quarter and discussed his suitability and preparation for whatever God was lining up next.
Naturally, as you can see from this photo, this was a difficult time for both of us! No, not at all! This has been a joy and a huge blessing for us both. I have learnt that we share a lot in common – our common love of God’s Son, God’s people, of reformed theology, books, coffee and humour. But also that we’re different. Stuart has a gift of administration that I can only drool at – his office is impeccably neat and his life regimentally ordered (or so it seems to me). And Stuart is a pray-er and I want to be. As the Holy Spirit has said, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another” (Prov 27:17), so we have found it to be true and I have learnt a lot about Stuart and how God has shaped and stretched him. Having met Stuart, I have also realised my own greater need of God to continue to shape me more after the pattern of Christ than I am. I have no doubt that Stuart will continue to prove to be a great blessing to God’s people and thus glorifying of Jesus Christ, our Saviour and King and God, the giver of every good gift.


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