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Resources for Churches


Calling a Pastor

Questions for Interviewing Pastoral Candidates

Appointing a Pastor

Draft Letter of Call, Duties, Contract and Declaration of personal faith and conduct to assist churches calling a pastor.  This one document contains all four things as it intended to be completed and signed as a single document.

Appointing a Moderator

Download the Guide for Moderators and Churches Seeking Moderators


Download the membership application form to apply for fellowship/membership with us. 

Teach Baptist Principles by Powerpoint (pptx file)

Teach Baptist Principles Handout (pdf)

Read Baptists and Church Governance

On 20 February 2017 delegates from a number of BNA churches met at Constantia Park Baptist Church and held a consultation asking probing questions regarding concerns and structure of the Baptist Union and Baptist Northern Association.  Here is a Powerpoint of the Results of Consultation

On Monday 18 November 2019, the churches were handed this document in order to assist them in deciding the way ahead for the BNA in terms of becoming a network of the Union or not.