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Is God “The Father”?

Is God “The Father”?

It seems that the person of God the Father has eclipsed in our thinking in the 21st century in comparison to the persons of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

But how should we think of God? Is God the Father? And how should we think of the Trinity?

Recently, Pastor Ian Stuart and I discussed God the Father and the Trinity. Here’s our discussion…

0:00 Introduction

0:35 What is important in the Statement on the person and nature of God the Father?

3:05 Why’s it important to have the attributes of God known?

6:18 How does this definition help with engagement with this whole believe differently?

9:15 How should we think of the Triune God?

9:45 A helpful simile of the Trinity from Jonathan Edwards

11:00 Can God be defined and known?

13:27 Does this Statement of Belief push us to a narrowly defined view of God and things?


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