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Preparing Young People for Full Time Ministry

Preparing Young People for Full Time Ministry

“80% of young people that do Jump Team go into some form of ‘full-time ministry.'” That’s what got me; the history of doing something well. And if that’s the case, how can we get more young people trained and passionate for evangelism, church planting, cross-cultural mission and whatever door God would put before them in the future.

Effectively, two things are needed;
* partners who twin in this project financially
* the right available young people

Just imagine of becoming one of ten people that shapes a life for missions for years to come. You could be instrumental partner in numbers of people being in heaven because you sacrificed financially for one year. A tenth share is at R550 per month for 10 months. Even R55 is a huge help. Deposit you support in the BNA account (see the ‘Give’ above and make your deposit as ‘Jump Project’ and your surname or anonymous).  If you’d like feedback on how your gift is being used send us an email too.

You may be the right person or know the right person.  Check out the details here.

Simply put, we need your kids and your kommitment!


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