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Appreciate your pastor(s)

Appreciate your pastor(s)

I’m personally not one for fanfare. But there are moments when we need to stop and say, “Thank you!”

Ken Kessler writes, “In 2019, the Barna Research organization along with Pepperdine University introduced a new study called “The State of Pastors.” In this resource, they provide us a research consistency across denominations about how pastors and associate pastors are navigating life and leadership in this new decade. I cannot go into all the details of the report in a writing like this one, but there were a few alarming statistics:

  • Pastors are getting older. The median age of pastors has increased from 44 to 54 over the last 25 years.
  • Nearly 43% of pastors are at high or medium relational risk, whether they are experiencing challenges in their marriage, family, friendships, or other close relationships.
  • Only one in five pastors has much influence in their community, and around 21% believe pastors are not a credible sense of wisdom.

And then in 2020, a pandemic hit that has shaken our confidence and traditions to the core. Your pastors’ belief in God has not changed, but the awareness of how to assist church members in this “new normal” has created some self-doubt for anyone in vocational ministry.”

October or November is a great opportunity to show appreciation for the spiritual shepherding that good pastors do.

Scripture reminds us that one of the key things we do as a community of faith is honor, respect, and build up the spiritual leadership of our congregation.

Consider how to do that appropriately and honestly.


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