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Pastoral ministry, particularly for full-time pastors, can be very lonely. Therefore Scripture consistently encourages a plurality of eldership. To assist churches and to further fraternal relationships that pursue friendship and trust, we strongly encourage every full-time pastor of every church of the BNA to regularly attend and be involved with pastors in your area.

We have found that fraternals and the relationships that spring from them, are the primary way in which both pastors and elders steer away from the dangers of the ‘Elijah syndrome’ (“I’m the last prophet left in Israel, take me home now, Lord”). And one of the ways in which we hear God say, “Go, return on your way…” (1 Kings 19:15).

Area fraternals and regional meetings happen in all the areas of our region. You can find a list of member churches in your area here, and a list of your regional leaders on our home page or your message us for the regional leaders contact details.

Resources for fraternals are available here.

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