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Resources for Bible studies

Read The 2017 Statement of Belief Bible Study (pdf)

Teach Baptist Principles (Powerpoint), (handout (pdf))

Read the article  Baptists and Church Governance


Read The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy of 1978 (pdf)

Read The Chicago Statement on Biblical Hermeneutics of 1982 (pdf)

Read The Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood of 1987 (pdf)

Academic Research on Baptists in South Africa

Read the article Liberty of Conscience and the Doctrine of Scripture in the Baptist Union of Southern Africa by Andrew Aucamp and Dan Lioy (2008) which examines two questions. First, what is the nature of the Baptist principle ‘liberty of conscience’ or ‘religious liberty,’ and how is the principle meant to be understood in the context of the church’s ongoing mandate to ‘defend the faith’? Second, how, if at all, has the principle of liberty of conscience impacted on the doctrine of Scripture in the BUSA? NEW!

Read the thesis A comparative evaluation and theological analysis of the denomination practices of the Baptist Union of Southern Africa, SOLA 5 and the Fellowship of Baptist Churches in South Africa by Andrew Aucamp (2011) which “has two main focus areas. Firstly, it attempts to construct a theological model or framework for Baptist denominationalism…” and “[s]econdly, the theological framework for consistent Baptist denominationalism is used to evaluate three Baptist denominational groupings in South Africa, namely, the Baptist Union of Southern Africa, Sola 5, and the Fellowship of Baptist Churches of South Africa…  The findings of this study suggest that the Baptist Union of South Africa has a number of crucial weaknesses that are substantially improved in the structures and practices of Sola 5 and the Fellowship of Baptist Churches of South Africa.” NEW!

Read the dissertation The Exodus of Baptist Pastors by Stephen Pierce (1998) which “explore[s] the ongoing problem of Baptist Pastors leaving the ministry and to attempt to discover the impact of this problem upon Baptist Churches by means of “focus group” interviews. The dissertation links the problem with a Baptist ecclesiology and seeks to understand the Baptist belief in the autonomy of the Local Church and the praxis of accreditation for pastoral ministry, plus the existence of so-called “subterranean Pastors” which has contributed toward pastoral termination. NEW!

Helpful Links

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Link to Christian Study Library

Link to Commentaries and Bible Study Tools

Link to New City Catechism – a great help for families and groups keen to learn the basic of the faith

Link to various other resources for congregations and groups (Dayne’s List)

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