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We are a self-governing fellowship of autonomous Baptist churches in southern Africa sharing a common faith and co-operating in ministry

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Every church at one time or another will face a crisis; a leadership conflict situation, a membership / leadership impasse, a moral failure of a pastor – and when that happens, its helpful to have an independent third party to help.


Many churches struggle with implementing a Biblical expression of Elders and Deacons which understand their differing roles and which co-operate together. We help churches put a biblical leadership structure in place.


We don’t do everything that a local church needs help with so the right partnerships are crucial.


We give help to churches, helping them find a good pastor or helping a pastor find a good church. And when we don’t know, we’ll try find out who does.


Latest News

A Brief History of The 2017 Statement of Belief

The 2017 Statement of Belief has received a variety of responses since its birth 5 years ago. For some, the Statement of Belief has been welcomed into the life of[…]

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The 2017 Statement of Belief is discussed on the Assembly floor of the Baptist Union for the first time

Last week, the Baptist Union National Leadership Council (NLC) took an significant step in a particular direction. It reported that “the 2017 purported Statement of Faith is not inconsistent with[…]

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Independence and Interdependence: Towards a Harmonization of the Congregational Principle and Associational Relationships

Baptist churches are congregational and therefore decisions made by the congregation are binding on that congregation. But are decisions made outside the congregation, at associational or union level binding on the congregation too?

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Baptists have already affirmed “Scripture without error” in 1990, but why have you never seen that affirmation?

On Monday 26 July 2021, Gavin Johnston, Pastor of Randburg Baptist Church and Michael du Toit, the BTC Registrar, dug into the Baptist Union archives. They found some very interesting[…]

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We are made up of officers, staff and area representatives who are nominated by their respective area or regional fraternals

Parmesh Venkatasami


Obakeng Moreo

Vice Chairman

Shayne De Lange


Michael Lear


Area Co-Ordinator

Peggy Burger

Office Finance

Dan Riddell

Youth Representative

Marcus Mphapuli

Limpopo North Representative

Steve Mojalefa

Limpopo North Representative

Themba Ndlovu

Mpumalanga Representative

Obakeng Moreo

North West Representative

Jacques Louw

Pretoria Representative

Andrew Peters

Far West Rand Representative

Parmesh Venkatasami

East Rand Representative

Shayne De Lange

Representative for the time being to the Baptist Union National Leadership Committee

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