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Deacon & Elder Training

The Bible indicates that deacons are to serve the body and to serve well. The Bible indicates that elders are to lead, to shepherd the flock, to give themselves to the word of God and to prayer. Their roles are distinct and different. Does that mean that both deacons and elders should meet together once a month and plan everything off the same agenda giving deacons and elders the same responsibility of decision making on both deacon matters and elder matters? Is the Baptist expression of a monthly ‘Executive’ meeting the best way to proceed?

This course, usually conducted over a weekend, looks at the Scriptural passages of the qualifications and particularly the roles of elders and deacons. It looks at what is biblical, what is unbiblical and what is a-biblical (that which the Bible does not address at all). And it helps think through some of the possible ways that leaders could better serve the body of Christ.

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