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Letter from the BNA Executive to our churches – Level 5 – 25 March 2020

Government Permit to Perform an Essential Service – 29 April 2020

Government Gazette 43364 – 28 May 2020

Government Gazette 43365 – 28 May 2020

Clarification of the Government Regulations pertaining to a church by Horison Baptist Church – 28 May 2020

Letter from the BNA Executive to our churches – Level 3 – 29 May 2020

Letter from the Baptist Union regarding opening churches – 2 June 2020

Government website COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal

Some members of the BNA Executive discuss how COVID-19 has impacted them personally and their churches, both positively and negatively…

Pastor Brian Viljoen; “I miss the people.  I miss the Christian embrace.  I miss the fellowship and the singing, and the praying.  I yearn for that.”

Pastor Jacques Louw; “Church-wise, we’ve experienced …a disconnect – being able to connect with people electronically, but not really getting to their hearts…”

Pastor Parmesh Venkatasami; “The lockdown has enabled people to be more evangelistic.”

Pastor Dan Riddell; “It’s been good not have a manual on the way forward.  I think as churches we tend to try to look at ‘Ok, this is the how we do it!’ And I think we’re all navigating uncharted waters…”