What we expect

We expect certain things of our member churches:  That, as a church, you…
1. Associate – As an association, our primary expectation of every member church is that it ‘associates’ with other Baptist churches.  This may sound unusual, but we have noticed that it is very easy for a Baptist church to become completely disconnected from every other Baptist church and often the Baptist Principle on ‘The Church’ (which states that the church “is fully autonomous and remains so notwithstanding responsibilities it may accept by voluntary association”) is used to justify a lone-ranger and maverick approach to inter-church life.  We believe that the church that ‘goes it alone’ is in great danger as individualism leads to isolation which leads to doctrinal and theological unmooring and waywardness.  We’ve seen this time and again.  Put positively, being with other Baptists is helpful for faith and doctrine.  So signing up as member means that you’ll not go it alone, but that you’ll attend fraternal and associational meetings.  If there’s not one in your area, here’s some tips as to starting one and what elements are needed to make a fraternal or regional meeting work.
2. Pray – We are convinced that a praying church is a healthy church, so we ask our churches to pray for other member churches.  Thus, associating with pastors and churches should lead to a pastor and church praying for other churches.  God has commanded that we pray for all people (1 Tim 2:1) and therefore we should be praying especially for the preaching of the Word in Baptist churches and praying for God to bless and keep His own.  Please also pray for the work of the BNA in pursuing church health and in terms of seeking to assist the churches of the Baptist Union.
3. Give – We have asked every church for a membership fee of R800 per annum.  However, this does not support the work of the BNA and therefore, we ask that you would consider supporting the ministry over an above this.  Many churches give us a payment per month based on what they can afford and this is hugely helpful.  If you are able to support us in this way, we utilise any over and above funding to assist weaker churches and supporting our area representatives with their costs in order to assist rural churches.  You’ll find our bank details here.