Our Mission

We have one goal — to serve the local church.

But, we do that in at least 8 different ways…

  1. Fellowship in Christ: to promote and to provide opportunities for Christian fellowship, and to promote unity and brotherly love among the churches, the pastors and all the Baptists in the area.
  2. Fellowship in ministry: to provide the opportunity and possibility for the churches, pastors and people to perform together ministries and services which they would not easily be able to do alone.
  3. Fellowship in material possessions: to seek to provide resources to assist the churches, the pastors and the members to serve the Lord more effectively.
  4. Fellowship in care and vision: to provide care, guidance, challenge and vision to the churches, pastors and members.
  5. Fellowship in church planting: to seek to establish, assist and nurture Baptist churches and fellowships in the area.
  6. Fellowship in missions and evangelism: to encourage evangelistic outreach and missionary activity among churches, fellowships and individual Baptists and thus to advance the Kingdom of God in the Association’s area and further afield.
  7. Fellowship with other Baptists: to assume such functions and responsibilities on behalf of the Union as may be mutually agreed upon.
  8. Fellowship in Faith: to disseminate Baptist Principles and to advocate religious liberty for all.